smrutika shetty

Smrutika Shetty

Junior Consultant

An Organisational Psychologist by merit, Smrutika often calls herself a Jill of all trades. A true Mumbaikar (India) at heart & soul, she started her career envisioning a life with scalpels to eventually only find herself drawn into the world of Psyched individuals. 

Raised as a fairly pampered single child certainly did not help with the ‘I am an introvert’ persona but did help her hone her Emotional Quotient immensely. Consequently, Emotional Well-being & Empathy are two topics very dear to her; she looks forward to working extensively within these domains across her professional lifespan.  

While her work experiences have been as scattered as her travels, she also holds a keen interest in the applications of Behavioural Insights at the workplace, Diversity & Inclusion, developing a healthier Organisational Culture. Asked to summarise her professional goal in a sentence, it would read ‘Realising a Humanised World of Work, one individual at a time.’ 

Smrutika swears by music & travelling. She has also picked up an of late fancy for foreign cinema, reading non-fiction & yoga in her downtime.  

P.S. words she lives by – ‘There is still love & kindness out there’, she hopes you choose that too; to vehemently express your love, every chance you get.