Harvinder Singh bhan

Senior Client Partner

Harvinder is a combination of an experienced mind, old soul & a young heart.

He comes in with the niche experience of being a Placement Coach; he channels his 20+ years of experience in diverse areas like real estate, automobiles & corporate media, towards perfecting the art of Talent Acquisition for the Media & Entertainment industry.

After developing his entrepreneurial strengths as the Founder of a flourishing automobile dealership at a young age of 35 years & after making an informed decision of stepping out of it, Harvinder joined the corporate world.

He found his calling in the media sector; has been an entrepreneur, coach & a placement consultant since 2007. He has developed the knack of finding the right culture fit & does not shy away from going all on-board to fully support his clients in maximizing their potential.

Harvinder’s wife is an educationist & they have three children who engage in regular lively debates with him: keeping him on his toes & making him proud.

Harvinder indulges in regular walks, loves a game or two of Badminton & enjoys Snooker. You cannot miss his ever so enthusiastic, hunger driven self; humbly exhibiting years of learning as he liberally shares both his successes as well as failures.