Bhumika Bhalla-profile

Bhumika Bhalla


A conventional educational background but with a knack for the unconventional – that’s the curious & ‘quietly rebellious’ Bhumika for you. She aspires to think out of the box, while clearly knowing how to stay in-line.

She is a fresher with an MBA degree in Human Resources from Symbiosis International (Deemed) University. Associations of yesteryears with one of the Big Four Consulting organizations as an Audit Analyst exposed her to the intricacies of Client behavior, Client management, Adaptable learning & Service orientation competencies.

Her passion to constantly keep learning makes her agile & adaptable to change. Contributing towards the betterment of people, be it in organizations or societal groups, drives her towards self-improvement. She is a workaholic by nature, a strong believer in values, integrity & ethics.

While music works as an energizer, she also likes to play with words to express herself in her peaceful times of solitude. Her bucket-list includes travelling, exploring every hidden nook & corner of the world. When you bump into Bhumika, you cannot miss her calm demeanor, professional maturity & sharp eye.