Anupam is a celebrity of sorts yet so grounded. Even after 11 years of Maritime Marketing & Operations, he still remains a Guitarist Musician at heart. He is the Founder Member of bands like Wise Guys, LSD, Mahakaal & The Karmic Circle. He has produced music for over 200 original songs, over 50 short films/ documentaries besides a regional feature film. He is the prestigious Author of a collection of short stories called ‘The Colours of Sound’ – published by Partridge India (a Penguin Company). He is a registered member of Film Writers’ Association, Mumbai & is currently working on a self directed short film called, ‘The Ballad of Bodhan & Kajri’. He is the coveted Recipient of ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ from International Library of Poetry USA & Recipient of United Nations instituted Rex Karmaveer Award Award & Fellowship.

He is a certified Life Coach from Coach for Life, USA, he is exposed to Neuro Linguistic Programming, Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from Case Western University, Creativity Innovation & Change from Pennsylvania University, History of Humankind from University of Jerusalem besides courses in music from Berklee Collage of Music & The Language of Hollywood – Story Telling, Colour & Sound from Wesleyan University.

His ‘musical business’ has featured in the top 10 cases studies of the world at the International Audio Branding Congress, Oxford & has been covered as a case study by Audio Branding Journal, Germany; article published in Entrepreneur’s Digest, Singapore. His trademark unconventional ‘Anthems’ has been recognised by Limca Book of Records as the first of its kind in India.

He specializes in Leadership Development & continues being an Inspirational Motivation Speaker around areas of Intelligent Application of Music. His Passion is most often than not focused on Creative Pursuits & Intelligent Application of Arts for People Strategy in organizations.