You are currently viewing Finding a better job is nothing but a Myth

What is it that you are looking to do to take your career to the next level?

“I am trying to look for a better job.”

This is a common response people give when they are asked how they plan to progress in their careers.

Unfortunately, “looking for a better job” is not a solution. It is just a short-term ‘playing it safe’ strategy.

This is because one can never find a “better job”.

‘Better’ is a relative word. Something will always be ‘Better’ than the other.

“finding a better job” is, thus, nothing but a myth.

Instead, to progress in your career, it is important to focus on career development.

Focus on exploring your interests, upskilling yourself, doing relevant internships (even if it means working for free) & picking up freelance work.

Career development is more long-term & focused on your strategic vision for growth that you have identified for yourself.

Finding a “better job” is then just a drop in the ocean.

Career development is the entire ocean.

Focus on stepping up & growth rather than attaching your purpose to ‘finding a job’.

How are you progressing in your career?

What is your job search strategy?

Are you looking for a better job or a better career?