You are currently viewing What Is The HOTTEST Word Used In Headlines On Linkedin Profiles?

We found 1.5 Million profiles on Linkedin using this word.

Any guesses?
No, it’s not IIT or IIM or Harvard

It’s “Ex”: Yes strange isn’t it.

Ex Ceo, Ex-Uber, Ex Cxo… the list is endless.
Everyone wants to talk about what they have done. This just goes to show how the world is living in past glory.

Strangely they don’t want to focus on the present.

Probably they need something to make them feel confident.
Or do they feel they were doing well in life but now not doing anymore?
Or do they want the world to know they have had a glorious past?

Whatever be the reason but does it not limit the person & his/her thoughts about what the person is capable of doing.

Strangely no one says ex IIM or IIT or MIT:)
So does it mean that education stays with us in the present but experiences don’t?

Or do they want to carry the past as badges of honour?

When I was a kid I won first prize in a painting competition, 15 schools had participated. It was my first & only prize I won. I hung on to it for 20 yrs before I threw it away. I did not need it anymore to remind me.

Why do you need “ex”?

P.S: Maybe we don’t want to forget our “ex” in both personal & professional life