Ashish Vidyarthi is a famous Indian film actor & theatre personality who works in multiple language films, predominantly in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam & Telugu cinema. He graduated in History from Hindu College, Delhi University & trained at National School of Drama (N.S.D.). He has acted in nearly 200 films in 11 languages over the last 20 years. He has been the recipient of very many coveted Awards including the National Award, Filmfare Award, Screen Award & the Andhra Pradesh Nandi Ranga Rao Award. Over the past 5 years he has worked with large Corporations in the space of Transformational Leadership by weaving together his Conversations of Change & Resilience. Ashish has also been a TED Speaker & continues speaking at critical events to take ‘Conversations’ ahead. He is a deep Human being who is committed to touching & impacting lives. Ashish works around the framework of ‘Emptying’ & then ‘Filling up’ towards Inner Mastery. He empties individuals of their biases & preconceived notions. He then lights them up by filling them with positivity, deep reflection, immersive learning & intense mental growth. Ashish partners with Blewminds on a path breaking Transformational Group Coaching intervention ‘Leadership Laboratory Program – LLP’ which is Blewminds’ TM. This eclectic work is around the esoteric model of 3 travelers working together, busting silos, dropping fears & bringing together their set of unique capabilities to look within, be open to destruction for construction & in turn maximize their productivity.

You will be impacted by Ashish’s deep voice, humble heart, easy demeanor of giving ‘access’ to others & his powerful intellectual thinking when you meet him. Ashish is passionate about Acting, Travelling, Photography, Writing and Meeting people while engaging in conversations about life.