We work in the space of individual & organization transformation. Our interventions cover all aspects of Human Resource Consulting – People, Policies, Processes, Culture, Change Management along with the intelligent offering of our Retainer Advisory model.
Sometimes, all it takes is a little stepping back, understanding People, what their needs are, what drives them & bonds them to get teams to work in synergies to give birth to the most efficient version of your human resource as a holistic team.
We help your valuable human capital reach a whole new level of productivity, processes, systems & team spirit. And the results are visible in demonstrated qualitative & quantitative growth of output. While building the intellectual, digital, political or resilience quotient in participants, we enable them to be better productive employees, invest in their wellness – emotional & spiritual quotient, making them happier people inside-out. Increased Happiness means Improved Productivity.
We work on the ‘Inside out’ as we call it – moving towards enabling change from within. We facilitate in 3 clear areas of self, team & business. Our eclectic Human Resource Consulting work travels the entire gamut of Human Resources (HR) & Talent Consulting including; HR Advisory, Change, Culture, Talent Transformation, Competency Management, Capability Development, Staff Engagement, Assessments & HR Strategy.
Cultural Transformation & Change Management are areas very close to our heart. Organizations are going through a dynamic shift in changing their processes & the way they think. Global Mergers, Acquisitions & take overs are the order of the day. Inorganic growth is a much-required business context for big time scaling up. All this can take a toll on your human resources & this is exactly where our Human Resource Consulting & Advisory services churn personalized dynamic solutions. We integrate our Global Frameworks to aid organizations in their Inter Cultural Integration, Organizational Change Integration & Human Resource Transformation.
Our strengths lie in working around personal values & connecting them with organization values for progression. We live through the FABA Framework of Faith, Attitude, Behavior & Action. At BlewMinds, we work with organizations by deploying the 4R’s Framework: Reframing Intentions, Renewing Values, Realigning Behaviors & Reaffirming Actions.

Hofstede’s Cultural Dynamics


Johnson & Schole’s Culture Web


Areas Of Expertise in Change & Culture Transformation

⊕ Pre & Post Merger Culture Integration. Vision, Mission, Values & a new aligned common way of working

⊕ Culture Campaigns, Adapting to business context changes, Long Term Change management interventions, Cultural Coaching & Training

⊕ Organization Restructuring, Redundancy Management, Integrating People, Processes & Performances for New, Aspirational or Large, Pioneering Entities