Manjunath Naik


Manjunath is a cricketer, meditator & an online marketing professional. Having played Cricket as a professional sport for more than 16 years, he has led teams at various age groups in University & zonal level championships in past. He is also certified as a level 0 cricket coach by Cricket Australia. Manjunath is a regular practitioner of Yoga & Meditation. He is an active volunteer in service projects of the Art of Living organization since 2009. He has led, organized & coordinated for various life-transforming social projects in different parts of Karnataka & Maharashtra states of India. He is an MBA graduate with specialization in Finance & Accounting. He has 6+ years of experience working in various industries like IT, Hospitality, Real Estate start up’s where most of his assignments were around supply chain management, inventory management & business operations. He is a self-motivated individual who thinks in creative ways to deliver the best outputs. His interest in creativity further led him to explore opportunities in online marketing. He is now a Google certified Online Marketing Professional who works on the creative stuff, writing, developing business presentations & other works around digital. He understands the importance of tapping certain skills in individuals that can be translated into leadership qualities in oneself to make this planet a better place to live. With his innovative ideas, he is highly optimistic about achieving them on the digital space.