Harini Shanmuga

Harini Shanmuga


Harini hails from Tamil Nadu, India & is a Dairy Technologist by graduation. Started her writing journey with journaling, it was during her university life that she found her love for writing. 

She feels writing makes her happy, that it is a powerful tool to connect & touch people. 

Diligent, passionate, lively – these are three adjectives which she feels suit her best! 

An ardent believer of “Everything happens for a reason & the reason is good”, she is an optimist who brings out the best in whatever she’s given. 

Considering her life as a marathon & not a sprint, she focuses on the big picture of living a meaningful, fulfilling life & makes it a point to learn something new every single day. 

Apart from writing, she loves a warm cup of coffee with a book, exploring new places & cooking authentic Indian food!