Shivani is a curious inquirer & a keen observer of People behavior. She is a Banker, Lawyer & a Sociologist by education; however she is a Psychologist by natural orientation. She vows that an understanding of Hows & Whys of behaviors leads to massive unbundling of Leadership potential. What began as mere story-telling to a bunch of her school friends to help clarify queries in English Literature, became powerful ground for her “Stories of Leadership.” She believes that serious self-reflection leads to owning the Leader within to becoming the Leader we ought to be. She passionately wishes to communicate to the world the stories of this journey from ‘owning to becoming’.

Her own story around how she wanted to be the Head Girl of the school while she was a shy & not so social kid in Grade4, to actually becoming the Head Girl with a unanimous decision from voters, this journey amazingly reflects how she got the concept around Leadership development ticking right from her formative years. This perspective widened & deepened with her global education, work, living & extensive travelling across India, Europe & UK. Shivani has corporate Leadership experiences across industry segments and has worked at HDFC Bank & Royal bank of Scotland UK, apart from other firms in Leadership roles. Her specialties include Leadership development, Coaching & Mentoring, Sales & Strategy planning, Client acquisition & management, Cross-functional collaboration & Process management. In her last corporate engagement at HDFC Bank as Relationship Banking Head, she was instrumental in transforming Leadership dynamics & improving personal effectiveness, that led to an award recognition of ’Best Relationship Banking Head’ for ‘Excellence in Execution’. This reinforced her passion for nurturing self-awareness amongst people to create a winning culture.

Shivani has an MBA from Leeds Business School, UK, an LLB from Delhi University & a Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Miranda House, Delhi University. She has recently completed a course in Design Thinking for Innovation from University of Virginia. Being an avid reader, Shivani has done some deep research & reflection on the aspects of human behavior, its underlying factors to deeply understand & address challenges around Leadership. She actively participates in discussion forums & seminars around Leadership, Organizational challenges in the backdrop of Industry 4.0, Consulting & Sales, Philosophy, Psychology & Neurosciences. She is a regular writer on LinkedIn & loves playing the Piano. She brings her effervescence, powerful networks, humane relationships management skills & infectious ardor to the table.

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