Who Are We 

Blewminds is born out of a compelling revolutionary need to enable organizations & individuals towards sustainable growth & progress. Blewminds works on blowing minds out through transformation, self-reflection, opening oneself to incredible arenas of change adaptability & inner mastery. Our organization is committed to enabling businesses & individuals to harness the power within & dance the delicate balance of retaining one’s own authenticity for better impact whilst managing others perceptions by making oneself more aware of deepest strengths & unconquered fears. Blewminds signifies a beautiful, successful work-in-progress marriage of the W with the M, where one uses Will to work on inner strength of Mind. The colors signify awareness, continual forward movement & unimaginable renewal. The dot above the ‘i’ indicates the power of ‘i’ contained within each of us.

We work with our clients in creating endless possibilities of growth by overcoming setbacks & using adversities as stepping up challenges to rise like the proverbial phoenix. Orange of the Pinwheel illustrates energy, effervescence, positivity & the attitude of making change happen. The 3 pins of the wheel indicate our framework of Believe, Be & Beyond; we draw satisfaction from lighting the fire of passion & grit in our clients to make them ‘believe’ that change is indeed a possible way of life. Our Pinwheels framework talks about our belief in the philosophy that when organizations & individuals are given a stage of freedom, free space, unfettered Learning environment they almost always bloom & grow. Our Pinwheels indicate free flow, breezy innovation & unwound hearts to create ripples of change. Once our valued clients cross the stage of ‘Believe’, we work with them on the ontological levels of ‘Be & Being’ to move them towards Inner transformation & fearless success. We then influence & enable them to look ‘Beyond’ to be a newer version of themselves.

Our expertise in Organizational & People Transformation Areas:



Executive Search Consulting





Technology Consulting

Unconventional Learning Consulting

We believe that every individual is a Leader in her own capacity who can be invested-in to better herself for organizational & personal efficacy. Hence, our Leadership Coaching aims to ‘bring out’ the Leader in individuals. We advise & consult in various intersection areas of Technology & Human Resources. We believe people make or mar organizations & hence enabling them to harness their fullest potential is sacred water for us. We work with our clients in deep areas of Organization Effectiveness through areas of pre-post mergers for Cultural Integration, Change Management, Training Facilitation, various facets of Talent Management including the end to end cycle management of Talent (from creating a lasting employee experience, hiring till Exits), Learning & eLearning.

What We Do 

Our Process is simple yet deeply reflective. We enable, we also disrupt; albeit through a gentle persuasive & influencing process. We are a bunch of positivists & empaths who are sure of the sunrise after sunset. We instill positivity, hope, faith & sustainable congruence in our Partners. We work on the below articulated unconventional iconoclastic frameworks & believe we ‘get’ people. We abhor the conventional methodologies of Learning & thrive on sustainable learning with great fun along the way. We believe in focusing on  strengths & enhancing them.

Global Frameworks including Oxford Methodologies of Change & Culture

Behavioral Sciences, Gestalt, Neurosciences

Business Simulation, Psychometrics, Real Time Business scenarios, Whole Brain Theory

Drama, Experiential Learning, Music, Mythology, Theatre

Business is just about enabling human beings, nothing more, nothing less. Businesses need to recognize this fundamental fact – Bruce Dickinson

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